TCMP #13 – Ant-Man (w/ Javier Fuentes)

Ant-Man is the subject, and Central Track’s own Javier Fuentes is the guest host. We saw a lot of the same things. This movie has some great in it, but never assembles it into a great movie. Still, good movies have their place, and we have no trouble ticking off the things that we enjoyed. Before long, that transitions into a discussion of how Marvel’s current approach to other movies affects this one. We both think they’re making a mistake. Really, there’s a lot of curious decision making afoot in the wider comic book movie world, and we give that its due.

TCMP #12 – Trainwreck (w/ Mike Rhyner)

Big guest this week! Mike Rhyner, Founding Father of the Ticket, stops by the studios to discuss Trainwreck. We both like it a lot. He explains why you should always be wary of people who make their fame on the internet and uses a baseball analogy to describe his love life. We also agree that people are a lot more like dogs than any of us readily admit.
We do work together every day, but he’s still kind of my hero, so there are even more nervous stutters than normal. Be ready for that.

TCMP #11 – Terminator: Genisys (w/ Garrett Jost)

This is a great podcast for people who like exhaustive technical examinations of cinematic time travel mechanics. On to co-host is a listener who has made it a point to establish himself as a Terminator spokesperson. He’s stumped for the movies many a time. The first part of the episode is spent discussing the plot and movie itself. But then we get down to the fun of how this movie changes our understanding of how the movies propose time travel would work. There’s some loose strings in there, and we tug on those. Also I hate to have to be the one to break this to you, but if this ever really happens, the humans are toast.

TCMP #10 – Rear Window (w/ Russell Kirk)

When I set out to do this here movie podcast, I saw us doing a nice mix of new and classic movies. Because we’re in Summer Movie Season at the moment, it makes a lot of sense to lean on new at the moment, but I did want to mix in one classic if possible. I also wanted to make sure I did one with my buddy Russell Kirk. I asked him for a classic movie he’d be passionate talking about, and he threw out Rear Window. Turns out to be a great suggestion. First, it is an amazing time-travel-esque experience to watch a movie made in 1954. What has changed and what has remained the same are interesting in equal measure. Beyond that, the movie is great by itself. It led to a ton of thoughts, and it was a very fun time to record this.


TC’s Movie Podcast is conducted in a discussion format. So yeah, there are a lot of spoilers.

TCMP #9 – Ted 2 (w/ Josh Ellis)

I’ve never gotten around to sitting down and discussing the unavoidable cultural force that is Seth McFarlane. It’s a pretty balanced talk, since I am not especially inclined to give the benefit of the doubt while Josh seems more open to it. Beyond McFarlane’s humor, the movie’s also got some structural stuff that I think is a common shortcoming of his. On the other hand, there was plenty of threads to enjoy. It’s just a fun little talk.


TC’s Movie Podcast is conducted in a discussion format. So yeah, there are a lot of spoilers.