TCMP #15 – The Gift (w/ Nick Brooks)

This is a movie and podcast where it seems worth reminding you at the outset: we do a lot of spoilers. We hope the episodes can be enjoyed by anyone, but they’re made with the person who has already seen the movie in mind. I say that because the movie does have a pretty sick ending. It’s also got the sort of psychology-based plot material that makes it a perfect place to start a conversation. For that reason, I think this is one of the best one’s we’ve done. I had on my lifelong friend Nick Brooks (it seemed appropriate since the movie is about people who went to school together meeting again in the real world). He’s had brushes with this kind of situation, and he shared that. We both had thoughts on how adults often can be pretty unrecognizable from their high school selves. We had thoughts on how much you can really know a person. We had thoughts on a ton of things. It’s pretty rich subject material.