TCMP #21 – Black Mass (w/ Danny Balis)

On to talk about the story of notorious Massachusetts criminal Whitey Bulger is Massachusetts native Danny Balis. Despite–or perhaps because of–his interest in the real-life story, he found the movie severely lacking. I think he makes a pretty convincing case that will ring true to anyone who has seen it. There were a couple diamonds in the cow poopoo, and I do try to appreciate those. The movie is mostly garbage, but it still generates some good talk.

TCMP #20 – The Visit (w/ Tom Bridwell)

Get ready for some fairly comfortable and especially polite disagreement! I think this movie is something above decent. The way the twist was worked in was smart. A lot of the elements were really well designed. My guest co-host Tom Bridwell disagrees. He was looking for some classic horror elements and was upset to find this movie can be lacking in that department. Will we ever find common ground? Listen and find out.

TCMP #19 – Digging For Fire (w/ Ryan Maffei)

This was kind of a random movie selection. I just picked from the movie Central Track had reviewed recently. It’s a so-so movie, but it does bring up a lot of subject matter that was very easy to talk about. Talking about it with me is my longtime friend Ryan Maffei. You may remember him from the It Follows episode. HE had a deep background with the people involved in the movie, and we both had a lot of thoughts about things they might do to make the movie a little better.

TCMP #18 – Django Unchained (w/ Brad Folsom)

Shortly after the podcast started, I got a message from a man teaching history at UT-Arlington. He explained his understandable interest in historical movies and total willingness to let me pelt him with questions about them. After some back-and-forth, Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained emerged as the natural choice. It’s a little bit of a different format. There’s not that much talk about the movie and a lot more of me asking him questions about those times. To me, it was a fun change of pace. Hope you like it, too.