TCMP #26 – Bridge Of Spies (w/ Russell Kirk)

Back for to talk about the new Steven Spielberg movie is Russell Kirk. You know him from the Rear Window episode. This is a movie right up his ally. It’s about history, which he and I are both into. The first part of the movie deals a lot with lawyers and the law, and Russ graduated from law school. It is just a good fit.

The movie and its themes provided a lot to talk about. And seeing this movie also spurred me on to a lot more reading about Berlin and its Cold War history. That has to be one of the more insane situations of the 20th century, and I share all the details that really blew my mind.

TCMP #25 – Steve Jobs (w/ Daniel Fleming)

The Steve Jobs movie is amazing, and here to talk about it is my brother Daniel. He is my only sibling and a fellow person with a good amount of interest in the history of Apple. He’s also a lot more conversant in the World Of Business. He subscribes to Fast Company. Regularly uses the word “synergy” in conversations. That kind of stuff that is outside my sphere but totally relevant to the movie.

We had a lot of good talks about the very big ideas expressed very well in the movie. It is a movie with a lot to say that it says very well, and it was a delight to continue the conversations the movie starts.

TCMP #24 – Pandorum (w/ Manny Velasquez)

Since starting this podcast, I got several emails from Manny Velasquez talking about how he’d love to share his passion for movies with the podcast. He is an actor living in LA but makes it back to Dallas every once in awhile. In this instance, his visit home matched up with the podcast schedule, so I told him to pick a movie and we could talk about it. With Halloween coming up, we settled on the horror-tinged Sci-Fi adventure Pandorum. It came out in 2009, but I was not very familiar with it. It is a very solid movie, and I had a good time talking about why. The movie Prometheus came up, and I’m always happy to talk about that one.

TCMP #23 – The Martian (w/ Kip Mooney)

Kip Mooney is back to co-host. He did the Central Track review of The Martian, and he talks about it here. We both like the movie a lot. It’s cool to see smart people at the top of their game pushing themselves to solve some of the most complicated problems. And that’s something cool about space movies: that is our most complicated subject matter.

If there’s anything bad to say about the movie, it’s that the structure doesn’t exactly match up with the themes. But that’s probably not judging the movie for what it is. That’s just wishing it was something else. And that’s not especially fair. What it is is wonderful.

TCMP #22 – Sicario (w/ Mike Marshall)

This is a movie that is obviously very much bout he drug war. And one of the best ever done about the drug war. But it’s also about how tough experience teach you things about yourself that are very hard to learn. There also aren’t easy answers about who is right in the disagreement between by-the-book Emily Blunt and by-any-means Benicio Del Toro. It’s a wonderfully complicated movie. It’s beautiful to look at. It’s great to watch and great to talk about.