TCMP #30 – The Secret In Their Eyes (w/ Megan Fleming)

Why does everything have to be about 9/11? We kind of wait until the end of the podcast, but we get into that a little. This movie is about a lot of things, 9/11 being just one. It’s also about guilt and what things people hold with them. Personally, I kind of doubt too many people process guilt like depicted, but it’s interesting to watch this movie about people who do. We disagree on whether Ray is an SOB or not, so if that’s a debate you’d like to have, give it a listen.

TCMP #29 – Carter High (w/ Donovan Lewis)

The 1988 Carter Cowboys are one of the All-Time sports stories in Dallas history. There is a new movie out that tells their story. Donovan Lewis picked this to make his appearance on the podcast, and we talk about his recollections of the situation. some of the acting may be a little over-the-top, but the movie is worth your time for portraying some very interesting moral conflicts. We talk about those, and we also just talk about what we remember school to be like. A quality episode!

TCMP #28 – Spectre (w/ Mike Sirois)

The focus this week is the new James Bond movie. On to talk about it is Mike Sirois. He is another Ticket coworker. He and I work on the 10 to Noon show, and he has his own program on Saturdays. Like most males living today, we have seen a lot of Bond movies. These last 4 have been a definite break from the rest of the series, and we have a little discussion about why that’s good and why it’s bad. We also both really want to go to Mexico.

TCMP #27 – Truth (w/ Josh Ellis)

This podcast is generally done with an imagined audience of people who have seen the movie, but just to make sure we don’t leave you completely in the dark: Truth is a movie about the 2004 60 Minutes piece that led to Dan Rather stepping down from the CBS Evening News. It focuses more on his producer, Mary Mapes. The movie does a good job of comprehensively showcasing¬†the process for putting together the infamous segment and the fight that followed. Guest co-host Josh Ellis studied journalism at Ole Miss, so he has a nice background in this kind of stuff and made for a great conversation partner. We talked about the many worthy topics in the movie but also about how much the way we take in news has changed and stuff like that.