TCMP #34 – The Big Short (w/ Mark Pirro & Nick Brooks)

In the part of The Big Short where they are explaining the origins of Cornwall Capital, the scene is spliced with a performance from famed Dallas band The Polyphonic Spree. If you are looking closely, you can spot the head of bassist Mark Pirro. He was nice enough to talk with me and my friend Nick Brooks about the movie and a number of other things. It is a good movie, and we take about a half an hour. We spend the rest talking about the price of copper and the time a record label payed for Mark to go to the Super Bowl.

TCMP #33 – Star Wars: The Force Awakens (w/ Justin Bell)

It is the movie podcast that causes the rest of the movie podcast to exist. For the first time in my entire span of existence, there is new Star Wars that deserves to be called new Star Wars. Minutes after our 7:00 screening finished, Justin and I sit down to empty out of our minds every thought that came in while watching. It is cool just to be one tiny micro-cog in the machine celebrating this movie.

TCMP #32 – Star Wars (w/ Justin Bell)

The idea here is to establish a baseline for next week. Justin will be back for the Episode VII review and so that we can spend that one talking about the movie itself, we take the time here to lay out our Star Wars connections and credentials. That involves laying out how we came to the series. It also means taking out time to hash out a little bit of the Luke or Han debate. Then there is some time to actually talk about the movies. You may well have heard it all before, but we indulge equally in why the original series is the best and why the prequels are garbage. It’s all just a little appetizer to next week.

TCMP #31 – The Night Before (w/ Clint Werth)

To talk about this comedy, the guest co-host is comedian Clint Werth. We agree it’s a pretty decent little movie. Has some good performances. From Miley Cyrus, for one. And with any quality comedy, there’s plenty else to talk about. There are also nitpicks to be made. For example, no NFL player has had their breakout at age 34. As another matter, let’s not let the PC police take away dick jokes.