TCMP #39 – Spotlight (w/ Chris Vognar)

This completes the Oscar coverage planned for the podcast. Because Brooklyn looks terrible. This is a splendid movie that probably deserved to be featured when it came out, but it’s been a real hot time for new releases. This tends to be the case for Oscar season. On as guest co-host is Dallas Morning News movie critic Chris Vognar. He lends a lot of great insight into the movie and also gives perspective on the life of a movie critic at a big time paper.

TCMP #38 – Room (w/ Skyler Thiot)

This is a fine example of the kind of movie this podcast was started to discuss. Now 3-time guest Skyler Thiot is on to do the discussing. Room suggests a lot of thinking on a lot of questions. How would living in one room affect your perception of the world? How much can removing one bad thing in your life actually fix your life? What is the value of a dedicated parent? It’s a great movie to talk about. It also kind of abutted up against something I’d always wanted to ask Skyler about, which is his Mormon mission. So that is a neat talk, too.

TCMP #37 – The Revenant (w/ Brad Folsom)

You may know it as the “bear rape movie.” We didn’t really get a chance to talk about the actual bear encounter. So let me just say. It’s not a rape, but it’s intense and has sure sexual overtones. We talked about a lot of other stuff from the movie. The ‘we’ in this instance is myself and UTA history professor Brad Folsom. He knows a ton about history and the basis for the movie. We also talk about Star Wars.

TCMP #36 – Joy (w/ Ryan Maffei)

Joy is not a masterpiece. The degree to which that is true is something that returning guest co-host Ryan Maffei and I differ on, but it’s definitely not a great movie. But it is a movie about something—ambition–that is always interesting to talk about. I wanted to have this chat with Ryan because he is someone of a similar bent to me.┬áSince we were kids, I think we both thought of ourselves as people who hoped to make an above-average impact on the world. So we talk about that, and we talk about lots of other things.

TCMP #35 – The Hateful Eight (w/ John Lefler)

This summer, my wife’s sister came over to relax with Megan and I. She brought her friend John. Pulp Fiction was on the cable that night, and the four of us ended up having a nice time watching it. When searching for people to talk about the new Quentin Tarantino movie with, John came to mind because of that experience. Also he was in a successful rock band (Dashboard Confessional), so having any excuse to ask about the very interesting life experience that must have been is a plus. We end up talking about things along those lines as much as we talk about the movie but hopefully you find the whole thing compelling.