TCMP #43 – Deadpool (w/ Javier Fuentes)

Deadpool is a movie that is probably going to have a moderate-to-large effect on movies going forward. Because it carries an R rating, which is different, and made a lot of money, which is attention-grabbing to movie executives. Javier Fuentes sits down with me to discuss all of it. We talk about those implications and whether or not this is a movie with enough substance to merit that kind of impact. The answer is “kind of.” Or “maybe.” We also talk about what lessons can be learned here for people looking to make money off of similar movies in the future.

TCMP #42 – Zoolander 2 (w/ Jake Kemp)

I am around the same age of Jake Kemp, my partner on It’s Just Banter. For people of our age, the first Zoolander holds a special place. Like how people who were in high school when Caddyshack came out are about Caddyshack. You’re familiar with the phenomenon. And I think there was a Caddyshack sequel, but it didn’t come out 15 years after the original. That makes Zoolander 2 an oddity. We went to go see it. We now tell you what we thought.

TCMP #41 – Hail, Caesar! (w/ Tim DeLaughter)

Back when we did the episode about The Big Short, Pete from Central Track asked Tim DeLaughter if he would come on since his band, The Polyphonic Spree, was in the movie. Tim was busy then, but he said he really liked the idea. We asked him if there was any movie coming up he would want to talk about. This was his answer. We give a solid 15-20 minutes of talking about the movie and also fit in some talk about the possible demise of the Lakewood Theater and plenty of other cool stuff.

TCMP #40 – Training Day (w/ Joe King)

This was a new and exciting episode to do. I talked about Training Day with real, live police officer Joe King. He talks about the accuracy of the movie and shares his experiences from somewhat similar situations. I also ask him a lot of the dumb questions I have always wanted to ask a cop. Like how easy it would be to buy heroin. Most of us love Training Day, so having the chance to talk about it with someone who could add a little more background was a real treat.