TCMP #47 – Punch-Drunk Love (w/ Russell Kirk)

This is a really well-done movie with a lot of thought behind it. I think most people who’ve seen it agree on that. That makes it a really good candidate for something to revisit. I really like the movie’s world view. I think it’s very frank about how inhospitable life can be. But it isn’t so wrapped up in that that it blocks out the positive things about our lives. In fact, it searches for them and celebrates them. My friend Russ is back to talk about what he thought of the movie. He had some great things to say. Hope you enjoy.

TCMP #46 – 10 Cloverfield Lane (w/ Austin Guttery)

This is a tremendous movie, and I’m excited to tell you why I feel that way. They make a lot of choices different from most movies with this kind of story. And the story isn’t that common, you have to take a wide definition to include other movies in “this kind of story.”

I am talking about it with Austin Guttery, a (kind of former) Ticket coworker and very talented guy. In addition to giving his thoughts on the movie, he lets you know what kind of boss Cash Sirois really is.

TCMP #45 – The Shadow (w/ Mike Marshall)

I like most movies made in the 1990’s starring Alec Baldwin or Michael Douglas. For the most part, I was too young to see them in theaters so they have a certain amount of the cachet lent to forbidden things. They also have a shared story style that usually has a lot of puzzles and such. This movie is not like that. It sucks. It’s terrible. Very cheaply made. Given that, it’s confusing Mike Marshall and I spent 40 minutes talking about it. But we did.

TCMP #44 – The Witch (w/ Simon Cardoza)

The podcasts I get most excited for are the movies that stick in your head. Ones with a lot of good themes, shocking twists and the like. This is such a movie. The religious themes leaves a lot to think about. The trust in the family and how quickly it’s revealed to be threadbare is fun to turn over. Then that ending!

Also a highlight for this one is the co-host. Simon Cardoza is an actor from here who has made one movie (Hello Gangster) and is working on another. He’s also a very nice dude. This is a good one.