TCMP #52 – Elvis & Nixon (w/ Justin Bell)

It took a tremendous amount of serendipity to have this come to pass. My good friend Justin lives in Michigan now, but after a rainout canceled his flight from¬†a weekend wedding, he was able to catch a flight to Dallas for the night. We used it to see Elvis & Nixon and talk about it. It’s a humorous movie with a lot of detail. It has some good performances. It’s also a nice chance to talk with Justin about his Nixon opinions.

TCMP #51 – The Invitation (w/ Josh Campbell)

This week we took a gamble, seeing a movie having only the vaguest idea of its plot. It paid off big-time. The movie is spectacular. It’s available on iTunes and other such services, so I very strongly suggest you check it out if you have not yet. Then once you do, I think you’re going to dig this podcast. We focused a lot on that plot and the crazy things that happen in that movie. But we also go in some other directions. There are some theological ruminations. And we want to know how many dates you need to go on before you’re obligated to save your girlfriend.

Josh Campbell is the cohost. He is in the band I’m The One Who’s Fighting, but mainly, he is a good dude who I’ve known awhile.

TCMP #50 – Midnight Special (w/ Dan McDowell)

I’ve been looking to get Dan on since starting the podcast. This movie came up when we were talking last week. We agreed we were intrigued by the trailer, and I punched on the opportunity. The result is something I’m really happy with. We talk about the movie, but talk as much about topics adjacent to the movie. Like parallel universes. And I love talking parallel universes.

TCMP #49 – Mortal Kombat (w/ Ryan Hamzeh)

Ryan Hamzeh is the co-host of the fighting hypotheticals podcast¬†Below The Belt. I think he does great work on there and have been trying to think of a way to work him in. This movie is trash, so this probably isn’t the best way. But it’s the one we went with. We re-watched 1995’s Mortal Kombat. We talked about why it’s trash. But in order to best make use of Ryan’s fighting knowledge, we broke down the fights a little. He also tried to identify the best fighter in the group. At the beginning, we get in a good 10 minutes of e-sports talk, too. So be ready for all of that.

TCMP #48 – Batman v Superman (w/ Angela Jones)

This movie has a lot of problems. I talked about them with Angela Jones. The character motivations are overly convoluted and unbelievable. Some of the plot points don’t add up. Superman is still super boring.

All that said, it’s still a better movie than it’s getting credit for. Jesse Eisenberg is a live wire. Ben Affleck is decidedly not bad. We weight all these qualities in a nice back-and-forth chat about Batman v Superman.