TCMP #56 – The Nice Guys (w/ Jaret Reddick & Rich Coleman)

When I go to movies, this is the kind of movie I want to see. Multi-level plot that moves things along briskly enough and loads of sharp dialogue. This may not be what everyone is in for, but it is what I’m in for. As a wonderful treat, I had the chance to talk about the movie with both hosts of Jaret Goes To The Movies, another movie podcast recorded in the DFW area. Jaret also is known for signing in the band Bowling For Soup. We all had a lot of fun.

TCMP #55 – Money Monster (w/ Josh Ellis)

Money Monster¬†looked potentially¬†tantalizing in trailers but turns out to be an overwhelmingly average movie. Given that and the numerous times the movie pointedly side-steps engaging in serious conversations, it is a challenge on paper to talk about it for long. I believe we overcame that challenge comfortably and had quite the pleasant chat. We talk some about stocks. We don’t know much about stocks. And we do outline some ways the movie avoided greatness.

TCMP #54 – Captain America: Civil War (w/ Skyler Thiot)

This is a big movie for this summer, and I think it’s gonna have a big impact on my interactions with Marvel movies going forward. This feels like the tipping point where I realized that no matter how hard they are selling this type of movie, I don’t have to buy. Skyler Thiot and I are able to have a nice conversation about the reasons why, and he has plenty to say on the other side. I also feel it’s important to note this was recorded pretty late at night. So if we sound tired, it’s because we’re tired.

TCMP #53 – Heat (w/ Jake Kemp)

Heat is a movie Jake brings up from time to time. He likes it a lot. I’d seen it before and thought it was a real piece of crap. Seemed like an interesting experiment for both of us to watch it and see if our opinion changed any. It’s also of course notable for having Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro in the same movie. With Val Kilmer in a supporting role, no less. We also somehow end up talking about our struggles with being disoriented when we wake up in the middle of the night. Make sure to stick around for that.