TCMP #60 – Twelve Monkeys (w/ Trey Mitchell)

We’ve reached a bit of a lull in summer movie season, so it’s a fine time to continue examining some of the more memorable movies of the middle 90’s. After deciding on my Ticket coworker Trey Mitchell as the guest co-host, I asked him what he wanted to talk about. He gave a list, and this is the one that stood out to me. I just love any chance to talk about time travel, for one. And this movie contains a vision of time travel that is radically different from most time travel movies, and it’s one that I find logically compelling. We get into that, the value of fake news coverage, a re-evaluation of Brad Pitt’s performance and much more!

TCMP #59 – Fight Club (w/ Brad Folsom)

This one is a good example of what I’d ideally like the podcast to sound like. Lots of good talk about ideas and themes. The movie is certainly full of them. Previous guest host Brad Folsom is back to talk about Fight Club. We talk about why this movie has the long-lasting impact it does. We talk about to what degree a Project-Mayhem-like group could have success. And we talk about whether this is movie contains any viable suggestions for how to live your life.

TCMP #58 – Hello Gangster (w/ Matt Barron, Simon Cardoza and Richard Krause)

This might be the coolest podcast of the 58 done so far. It’s certainly different from the other 57. Hello Gangster is a movie made by 3 guys from Dallas. They contacted Central Track looking for a review, and I got introduced to them that way. Since then we’ve had dinner and Simon was on an earlier episode of the podcast. That and their chemistry with each other laid the way for a nice conversation about how this movie was made, how shitty the film festival process is and many of life’s other big questions. This is the rare no-spoiler episode, so you can see the movie before or after. But you should definitely see it. It’s available at

TCMP #57 – X-Men Apocalypse (w/ Megan Fleming)

I really like the X-Men. I like them for the same reasons most people like comic book characters: I was interested them as a kid. X-Men trading cards were my jam. Those and Goosebumps books are all I talked about from 1st through 4th grades. Since the X-Men people make a considerably more adult-friendly movie than the Jack Black Goosebumps, I’m excited for every new installment, and this one meets that bar. It doesn’t clear it like the last 2 installments. But meeting the bar is ok.

One thing holding it back: There are a number of logic/continuity issues. Maybe those are dumb and dorky to carry on about, but maybe I’m a dumb dork and this is my podcast so I get to carry on about them. The good is discussed, too.