TCMP #57 – X-Men Apocalypse (w/ Megan Fleming)

I really like the X-Men. I like them for the same reasons most people like comic book characters: I was interested them as a kid. X-Men trading cards were my jam. Those and Goosebumps books are all I talked about from 1st through 4th grades. Since the X-Men people make a considerably more adult-friendly movie than the Jack Black Goosebumps, I’m excited for every new installment, and this one meets that bar. It doesn’t clear it like the last 2 installments. But meeting the bar is ok.

One thing holding it back: There are a number of logic/continuity issues. Maybe those are dumb and dorky to carry on about, but maybe I’m a dumb dork and this is my podcast so I get to carry on about them. The good is discussed, too.