TCMP #65 – Star Trek: Beyond (w/ Nick Brooks)

There’s good things and bad things to be said about the new Star Trek. My friend Nick and I disagreed a bit about which part won out. I really enjoyed the easy, casual depth of the plot. He does rightly point out that we have heard more or less this same story three times now. We also talk some about how previous knowledge of a director affects the way we watch movies.

TCMP #64 – Ghostbusters (w/ Megan Fleming)

It’s the new Ghostbusters! In the end, it probably didn’t deserve near the attention it got. It’s neither bad enough not good enough to garner that degree of discussion. I talk with Megan about what deficiencies stood out to me. She has a list of her own. And then we do talk about some of the coverage. It’s despicable to see people being so self-centered they want to deny joy to the people who would enjoy this movie. Or at least a better done version of this movie. But it’s also unreasonable to expect a big shift like being the first reboot with females in all the lead roles would be met with no resistance at all.

TCMP #63 – Michael Collins (w/ Wade Gill)

Every couple months I get real obsessed with Irish history. It’s got a lot of crazy stories. This Brexit stuff kind of sparked it for me this time. Any time I do get into it, I always tell myself I need to watch Michael Collins again. The movie does a nice job of telling that period of history pretty accurately. With the caveat that their portal of De Valera seems to be quite shaded by the fact they needed the story to have a villain. This time I did get around to a re-watch and had the chance to talk about it with my friend Wade. We talk about the movie some and other Irish history things totally unrelated to the movie.

TCMP #62 – The Purge: Election Year (w/ Javier Fuentes)

As something to talk about, this movie has a lot of prompts to discuss. As something to watch, it’s a little more meh. I break it down with Central Track movie critic Javier Fuentes. We talk about the ways that this is poignant commentary on current elections and the ways it’s totally disconnected from them. There’s some of both. We talk about the class/race-based points being made by the movie. It’s all a good time. Give it a listen.

TCMP #61 – Independence Day: Resurgence (w/ Mike Marshall)

The original Independence Day was a true game changer for people around the age of Machine and I. There have been movies before that made a big show of blowing up the world, but we didn’t see them in theaters. ┬áThe second one is not as good. We break down why. Questioning some of the casting choice, scratching our heads over a few lines. There’s also a debate over if the two scientists are gay. We also object to their predictions with regards to the DC building codes.