TCMP #69 – War Dogs (w/ Justin Bell)

War Dogs is one of my five favorite movies I’ve seen this year. It has a sizzling energy to it, an A+ performance from Jonah Hill. It keeps you wrapped around its figurative finger for all 2 full hours. Or at least that’s what I think. My friend Justin thinks it’s a piece of crap. To him, it’s working in a disgustingly cavalier way around topic material that should be taken considerably more seriously. It’s not especially well written. And it bores for long stretches. How will we resolve the tension between these differing viewpoints????

TCMP #68 – Coherence (w/ Harper Weaver)

This movie was on the list of movies I wanted to review when I started the podcast. I saw it in theaters in 2013 and thought of it pretty often since then. It is a movie that certainly makes you think about it. On to think about it with me is Harper Weaver. He is one of the smartest dudes I know and a skilled podcaster who is one half of the Rangers podcast PTBNL. We were hanging out last weekend, and quantum mechanics came up. I recommended this movie to him, and then we were able to coordinate and talk about it. I think the result is something you’ll want to hear.

TCMP #67 – Suicide Squad (w/ Megan Fleming)

Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like this movie has gotten more negative press than the average comic book movie. I don’t see that. Really, through about 2/3’s of it there’s a decent movie going on. There’s a couple different levels of plot working. The pace is quick enough. Then it does fall apart and dies a slow death for the last 30-45 minutes. But hey, 2/3’s is more than most of these movies can manage. There are problems beyond that, and we talk that up some. But the movie’s fine.

TCMP #66 – Jason Bourne (w/ Tom Fleming)

My dad is a guy who likes action movies. Specifically the kind like the Bourne movies. When going to see this, he declined because he had already seen it a day earlier, so it seemed to line up nicely to have him on. We both thought the movie was something definitely less than some of the best work done by the series. We go over those things. We also have a conversation about privacy since that’s a big focus of this movie.