TCMP #74 – The Informant! (w/ Ryan Maffei)

With nothingĀ in theaters right now jumping out, it seemed like there would be no bad time to look back on this odd gem from 2009. I’d been meaning to get Ryan Maffei back on the podcast. I think all of those things came together pretty nicely, as we had a wide-ranging conversation that occurred around the movie. We touched on what makes the tone and humor in the movie so great but also talked about the office where our dads worked. In addition, Ryan gives his opinion on the best movie store in Austin. So tune in for that.

TCMP #73 – Ocean’s 11 (w/ Jake Kemp)

The idea for this podcast came up when watching the last season of Silicon Valley. A character refrences making an Ocean’s-11-like plot, and there was a lot of discussion that week about what the plot might be. Jake and I talked about it on It’s Just Banter, and Jake mentioned off-hand that he loved the movie and would like to do a podcast on it. Like everyone else who has seen it, I also love it and loved the idea.
This is one of the most nearly perfect movies out there. Jake and I have both seen it a million times. Literally one million. They play it on TNT a lot. There are just so many great, little moments. There is a lot of effortless-looking craftsmanship.

TCMP #72 – Sling Blade (w/ Josh Campbell)

After several weeks in the new movie bin, we reach again for a classic. This is one I have not seen. It was certainly not age appropriate for me when it came out. Then I just never made the time to go back for it until this week. Co-host Josh is in the same boat. We agree it holds up. We think there are a lot of compelling reasons why. Josh also shocks me by telling me what other movies the little kid was in.

TCMP #71 – Morgan (w/ Hunter Stone)

I don’t want to over-state this, but Morgan is a movie that has some science involved. Given that, it seemed natural to talk about it with someone with a science background. For that I turned to Dr. Hunter Stone, a Resident Physician at Parkland. The movie is about hubris, and that sort of fear of science message irks me a bit. We go down a couple rabbit holes talking that out. True to his billing, Hunter also has some good points about how science in the real world works differently than science depicted in this movie.

TCMP #70 – Hell Or High Water (w/ Russell Kirk)

This is a good movie, and a thought-provoking movie. In my opinion, it leads to one of the best kinds of episodes. We spend a good deal of time examining what seems to us like the central question of the movie: is there a situation a man can be in where bank robbery becomes justifiable? The makers of this one certainly concoct a scenario that makes it as plausible as it’s going to get. Combine that with some very solid acting, some very superior writing… You get a movie that is quite enjoyable to talk about.