TCMP #82 – Moonlight (w/ Justin Bell)

My good buddy Justin and I recently took a trip to Seattle. He lives in Michigan now, so we took this rare opportunity where we were in the same room to get something on wax. Moonlight was what was showing at the Egyptian, so we took a chance on that. It paid off beautifully. It’s a very wonderful movie. It feels like darn near a documentary, the way it portrayed the life of Chiron. It has a bevy of deep topics, and all are wonderful for conversation. We also talk about the coming-of-age tradition of kids checking out each others’ junk.

TCMP #81 – Arrival (w/ Josh Ellis)

Movies about aliens are the best, and Arrival is a good one. There’s a lot to think on. It does a good job of illustrating many of the mind-boggling elements that would feature into any actual contact scenario. We try to walk through some of those angles. It also really gives some room for those elements to breathe. When I say ‘we,’ I’m talking about myself and Josh Ellis. He is a big fan of alien movies as well. Somehow we ended up talking about child-rearing a lot. Something for everyone.

Episode 80 – Doctor Strange (w/ Ken Bethea)

A couple months back, I talked with Old 97’s guitarist Ken Bethea about coming on the podcast. He gave me a list of movies he was excited about seeing in theaters, and Doctor Strange seemed like a good fit. He has some enthusiasm for the the comics, and it was very nice to have that background. We both liked the movie to varying degrees. It is pretty solid, you should totally see it. But he is Ken Bethea, so I wasn’t going to be deterred from asking some Old 97’s questions. And maybe I missed it elsewhere, but it’s possible we broke the news of a new album?

TCMP #79 – American Pastoral (w/ Skyler Thiot)

We took a chance this week, rolling the dice on an Ewan McGregor vehicle showing at the Angelika. It kind of paid off in that the movie touches on a lot of deep topics that spark plenty of talk. The look at parenting and how much it can be blamed when a child goes wrong is interesting, and the backdrop of the Vietnam War adds depth. The gamble also kind of went bust in that this is a crap movie. The acting is terrible, and the writing doesn’t make the acting any easier. Skyler Thiot is back again to pick out the bad and try to appreciate the good along with me.