TCMP #83 – Se7en (w/ Trey Mitchell)

The Ticket’s Trey Mitchell is back as guest host, and he’s always got a good sense for picking out movies. Watching Se7en with 2016 eyes, there are a lot of surprises. The last time I watched the whole movie start to finish was more than a decade ago, so it’s crazy to see how relationships to the characters had changed. But it’s also very interesting to see how differently the culture viewed cities in 1995. It’s hard to imagine a movie coming out today that took such a harsh view of the urban core. It’s equally hard to imagine people being surprised the FBI keeps track of people’s book rentals. Trey and I sort all of that out.

Episode 80 – Doctor Strange (w/ Ken Bethea)

A couple months back, I talked with Old 97’s guitarist Ken Bethea about coming on the podcast. He gave me a list of movies he was excited about seeing in theaters, and Doctor Strange seemed like a good fit. He has some enthusiasm for the the comics, and it was very nice to have that background. We both liked the movie to varying degrees. It is pretty solid, you should totally see it. But he is Ken Bethea, so I wasn’t going to be deterred from asking some Old 97’s questions. And maybe I missed it elsewhere, but it’s possible we broke the news of a new album?

TCMP #77 – The Accountant (w/ Justin Bell & Megan Fleming)

This is a wonderful movie that gives a lot to talk about. I’m glad to have the situation line up where I’m talking about it with such wonderful guests. My wife and I were visiting our friend Justin who moved to Michigan, and it worked out so that the three of us were able to see the movie together then sit down in his living room and record a conversation about it afterwards. We talked about what autism is meant to signify in movies, whether or not a push-or-be-pushed mentality really translates and when it’s ok to accept a little bad for a lot of good. We also had a wonderful moment where Megan and I were able to explain a plot twist to Justin that he had missed, so that was really fun.

TCMP #71 – Morgan (w/ Hunter Stone)

I don’t want to over-state this, but Morgan is a movie that has some science involved. Given that, it seemed natural to talk about it with someone with a science background. For that I turned to Dr. Hunter Stone, a Resident Physician at Parkland. The movie is about hubris, and that sort of fear of science message irks me a bit. We go down a couple rabbit holes talking that out. True to his billing, Hunter also has some good points about how science in the real world works differently than science depicted in this movie.

TCMP #67 – Suicide Squad (w/ Megan Fleming)

Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like this movie has gotten more negative press than the average comic book movie. I don’t see that. Really, through about 2/3’s of it there’s a decent movie going on. There’s a couple different levels of plot working. The pace is quick enough. Then it does fall apart and dies a slow death for the last 30-45 minutes. But hey, 2/3’s is more than most of these movies can manage. There are problems beyond that, and we talk that up some. But the movie’s fine.

TCMP #66 – Jason Bourne (w/ Tom Fleming)

My dad is a guy who likes action movies. Specifically the kind like the Bourne movies. When going to see this, he declined because he had already seen it a day earlier, so it seemed to line up nicely to have him on. We both thought the movie was something definitely less than some of the best work done by the series. We go over those things. We also have a conversation about privacy since that’s a big focus of this movie.

TCMP #65 – Star Trek: Beyond (w/ Nick Brooks)

There’s good things and bad things to be said about the new Star Trek. My friend Nick and I disagreed a bit about which part won out. I really enjoyed the easy, casual depth of the plot. He does rightly point out that we have heard more or less this same story three times now. We also talk some about how previous knowledge of a director affects the way we watch movies.

TCMP #61 – Independence Day: Resurgence (w/ Mike Marshall)

The original Independence Day was a true game changer for people around the age of Machine and I. There have been movies before that made a big show of blowing up the world, but we didn’t see them in theaters.  The second one is not as good. We break down why. Questioning some of the casting choice, scratching our heads over a few lines. There’s also a debate over if the two scientists are gay. We also object to their predictions with regards to the DC building codes.

TCMP #60 – Twelve Monkeys (w/ Trey Mitchell)

We’ve reached a bit of a lull in summer movie season, so it’s a fine time to continue examining some of the more memorable movies of the middle 90’s. After deciding on my Ticket coworker Trey Mitchell as the guest co-host, I asked him what he wanted to talk about. He gave a list, and this is the one that stood out to me. I just love any chance to talk about time travel, for one. And this movie contains a vision of time travel that is radically different from most time travel movies, and it’s one that I find logically compelling. We get into that, the value of fake news coverage, a re-evaluation of Brad Pitt’s performance and much more!

TCMP #57 – X-Men Apocalypse (w/ Megan Fleming)

I really like the X-Men. I like them for the same reasons most people like comic book characters: I was interested them as a kid. X-Men trading cards were my jam. Those and Goosebumps books are all I talked about from 1st through 4th grades. Since the X-Men people make a considerably more adult-friendly movie than the Jack Black Goosebumps, I’m excited for every new installment, and this one meets that bar. It doesn’t clear it like the last 2 installments. But meeting the bar is ok.

One thing holding it back: There are a number of logic/continuity issues. Maybe those are dumb and dorky to carry on about, but maybe I’m a dumb dork and this is my podcast so I get to carry on about them. The good is discussed, too.

TCMP #54 – Captain America: Civil War (w/ Skyler Thiot)

This is a big movie for this summer, and I think it’s gonna have a big impact on my interactions with Marvel movies going forward. This feels like the tipping point where I realized that no matter how hard they are selling this type of movie, I don’t have to buy. Skyler Thiot and I are able to have a nice conversation about the reasons why, and he has plenty to say on the other side. I also feel it’s important to note this was recorded pretty late at night. So if we sound tired, it’s because we’re tired.

TCMP #53 – Heat (w/ Jake Kemp)

Heat is a movie Jake brings up from time to time. He likes it a lot. I’d seen it before and thought it was a real piece of crap. Seemed like an interesting experiment for both of us to watch it and see if our opinion changed any. It’s also of course notable for having Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro in the same movie. With Val Kilmer in a supporting role, no less. We also somehow end up talking about our struggles with being disoriented when we wake up in the middle of the night. Make sure to stick around for that.

TCMP #49 – Mortal Kombat (w/ Ryan Hamzeh)

Ryan Hamzeh is the co-host of the fighting hypotheticals podcast Below The Belt. I think he does great work on there and have been trying to think of a way to work him in. This movie is trash, so this probably isn’t the best way. But it’s the one we went with. We re-watched 1995’s Mortal Kombat. We talked about why it’s trash. But in order to best make use of Ryan’s fighting knowledge, we broke down the fights a little. He also tried to identify the best fighter in the group. At the beginning, we get in a good 10 minutes of e-sports talk, too. So be ready for all of that.

TCMP #48 – Batman v Superman (w/ Angela Jones)

This movie has a lot of problems. I talked about them with Angela Jones. The character motivations are overly convoluted and unbelievable. Some of the plot points don’t add up. Superman is still super boring.

All that said, it’s still a better movie than it’s getting credit for. Jesse Eisenberg is a live wire. Ben Affleck is decidedly not bad. We weight all these qualities in a nice back-and-forth chat about Batman v Superman.

TCMP #45 – The Shadow (w/ Mike Marshall)

I like most movies made in the 1990’s starring Alec Baldwin or Michael Douglas. For the most part, I was too young to see them in theaters so they have a certain amount of the cachet lent to forbidden things. They also have a shared story style that usually has a lot of puzzles and such. This movie is not like that. It sucks. It’s terrible. Very cheaply made. Given that, it’s confusing Mike Marshall and I spent 40 minutes talking about it. But we did.

TCMP #35 – The Hateful Eight (w/ John Lefler)

This summer, my wife’s sister came over to relax with Megan and I. She brought her friend John. Pulp Fiction was on the cable that night, and the four of us ended up having a nice time watching it. When searching for people to talk about the new Quentin Tarantino movie with, John came to mind because of that experience. Also he was in a successful rock band (Dashboard Confessional), so having any excuse to ask about the very interesting life experience that must have been is a plus. We end up talking about things along those lines as much as we talk about the movie but hopefully you find the whole thing compelling.

TCMP #33 – Star Wars: The Force Awakens (w/ Justin Bell)

It is the movie podcast that causes the rest of the movie podcast to exist. For the first time in my entire span of existence, there is new Star Wars that deserves to be called new Star Wars. Minutes after our 7:00 screening finished, Justin and I sit down to empty out of our minds every thought that came in while watching. It is cool just to be one tiny micro-cog in the machine celebrating this movie.

TCMP #28 – Spectre (w/ Mike Sirois)

The focus this week is the new James Bond movie. On to talk about it is Mike Sirois. He is another Ticket coworker. He and I work on the 10 to Noon show, and he has his own program on Saturdays. Like most males living today, we have seen a lot of Bond movies. These last 4 have been a definite break from the rest of the series, and we have a little discussion about why that’s good and why it’s bad. We also both really want to go to Mexico.

TCMP #24 – Pandorum (w/ Manny Velasquez)

Since starting this podcast, I got several emails from Manny Velasquez talking about how he’d love to share his passion for movies with the podcast. He is an actor living in LA but makes it back to Dallas every once in awhile. In this instance, his visit home matched up with the podcast schedule, so I told him to pick a movie and we could talk about it. With Halloween coming up, we settled on the horror-tinged Sci-Fi adventure Pandorum. It came out in 2009, but I was not very familiar with it. It is a very solid movie, and I had a good time talking about why. The movie Prometheus came up, and I’m always happy to talk about that one.

TCMP #18 – Django Unchained (w/ Brad Folsom)

Shortly after the podcast started, I got a message from a man teaching history at UT-Arlington. He explained his understandable interest in historical movies and total willingness to let me pelt him with questions about them. After some back-and-forth, Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained emerged as the natural choice. It’s a little bit of a different format. There’s not that much talk about the movie and a lot more of me asking him questions about those times. To me, it was a fun change of pace. Hope you like it, too.

TCMP #17 – American Ultra (w/ Justin Bell)

I was really hyped for American Ultra, so I went back to my pal Justin Bell. Turns out the movie was something short of what it could’ve been, but Justin lived up to expectations. I had such high hopes for the movie because it stars Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart, and they were amazing in Adventureland. That’s one of my top personal favorites. They were about as good here, but several other things let them down. It’s still fun to discuss why it fell short and fun to remember why Adventureland is so great. Give it a chariot progressive listen.

TCMP #14 – Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation (w/ Justin Montemayor)

This is probably the best Mission Impossible movie. There was a lot about it that made it more complex, more creative and better than the average action or spy movie. It was so good, I personally didn’t even have much time to get creeped out by Tom Cruise. That didn’t come up specifically on the podcast, but the Ticket’s Justin Montemayor probably felt the same way. He certainly liked the movie.
The structure and topic material made me think of a couple great articles I read this week, and we try to weave those in there. Basically, spy work is there to gather information, but it’s a rare circumstance indeed that you can be sure that information is useful. This is one of the most basic truths of the espionage game, and this movie really gets it.

TCMP #13 – Ant-Man (w/ Javier Fuentes)

Ant-Man is the subject, and Central Track’s own Javier Fuentes is the guest host. We saw a lot of the same things. This movie has some great in it, but never assembles it into a great movie. Still, good movies have their place, and we have no trouble ticking off the things that we enjoyed. Before long, that transitions into a discussion of how Marvel’s current approach to other movies affects this one. We both think they’re making a mistake. Really, there’s a lot of curious decision making afoot in the wider comic book movie world, and we give that its due.

TCMP #11 – Terminator: Genisys (w/ Garrett Jost)

This is a great podcast for people who like exhaustive technical examinations of cinematic time travel mechanics. On to co-host is a listener who has made it a point to establish himself as a Terminator spokesperson. He’s stumped for the movies many a time. The first part of the episode is spent discussing the plot and movie itself. But then we get down to the fun of how this movie changes our understanding of how the movies propose time travel would work. There’s some loose strings in there, and we tug on those. Also I hate to have to be the one to break this to you, but if this ever really happens, the humans are toast.

TCMP #7 – Jurassic World (w/ Justin Bell)

One of the more personally anticipated/enjoyable episodes we’ll do all year. Of course we liked it, but talking about why was a real treat. For the first time, we have a Jurassic Park sequel made by people who actually understood what made the original as good of a movie as it was. Also, I’m amazed that multiple engine planes can fly straight when one engine goes out. That’s not in the movie but is in the podcast.

TC’s Movie Podcast is conducted in a discussion format. So yeah, there are a lot of spoilers.

TCMP #6 – San Andreas (w/ Bob Sturm)

This is a fun movie, and I hope we made a podcast that matched that vibe. The Ticket’s Bob Sturm is along for this one, and between us, I think we did. We broke down every batty defiance of death. We expressed open astonishment at the Rock’s total disregard for anyone but his daughter. We got as close as we could to the audio equivalent of giving mouth-to-mouth on a  speedboat rushing through a falling skyscraper.


TC’s Movie Podcast is conducted in a discussion format. So yeah, there are a lot of spoilers.


TCMP #1 – Avengers: Age of Ultron (w/ Jake Kemp)

In the inaugural episode of TC’s Movie Podcast, I’m joined by Jake Kemp. Jake is the regular co-host of my main podcast, It’s Just Banter. He also produces BaD Radio on 1310 The Ticket. We discuss the opening movie of Summer Movie Season, Avengers: Age of Ultron. Find out whether or not we think it is the most nuanced analysis of Artificial Intelligence yet crafted by man.

TC’s Movie Podcast is conducted in a discussion format. So yeah, there are a lot of spoilers.