TCMP #75 – Safe Men (w/ Mike Sirois)

You have probably not seen this movie before. But if you had, we might not be talking about it. It’s a movie that sticks out because when you watch it, you can’t believe that you never heard a thing about it. Because it’s a really good comedy. It has a lot of well-crafted little moments. It’s punchy and easy to watch. It has a very recognizable and deep cast. Mike Sirois is the one who told me about this movie several years ago, and it was fun to see how much he loves this movie.

TCMP #74 – The Informant! (w/ Ryan Maffei)

With nothing in theaters right now jumping out, it seemed like there would be no bad time to look back on this odd gem from 2009. I’d been meaning to get Ryan Maffei back on the podcast. I think all of those things came together pretty nicely, as we had a wide-ranging conversation that occurred around the movie. We touched on what makes the tone and humor in the movie so great but also talked about the office where our dads worked. In addition, Ryan gives his opinion on the best movie store in Austin. So tune in for that.

TCMP #64 – Ghostbusters (w/ Megan Fleming)

It’s the new Ghostbusters! In the end, it probably didn’t deserve near the attention it got. It’s neither bad enough not good enough to garner that degree of discussion. I talk with Megan about what deficiencies stood out to me. She has a list of her own. And then we do talk about some of the coverage. It’s despicable to see people being so self-centered they want to deny joy to the people who would enjoy this movie. Or at least a better done version of this movie. But it’s also unreasonable to expect a big shift like being the first reboot with females in all the lead roles would be met with no resistance at all.

TCMP #56 – The Nice Guys (w/ Jaret Reddick & Rich Coleman)

When I go to movies, this is the kind of movie I want to see. Multi-level plot that moves things along briskly enough and loads of sharp dialogue. This may not be what everyone is in for, but it is what I’m in for. As a wonderful treat, I had the chance to talk about the movie with both hosts of Jaret Goes To The Movies, another movie podcast recorded in the DFW area. Jaret also is known for signing in the band Bowling For Soup. We all had a lot of fun.

TCMP #52 – Elvis & Nixon (w/ Justin Bell)

It took a tremendous amount of serendipity to have this come to pass. My good friend Justin lives in Michigan now, but after a rainout canceled his flight from a weekend wedding, he was able to catch a flight to Dallas for the night. We used it to see Elvis & Nixon and talk about it. It’s a humorous movie with a lot of detail. It has some good performances. It’s also a nice chance to talk with Justin about his Nixon opinions.

TCMP #47 – Punch-Drunk Love (w/ Russell Kirk)

This is a really well-done movie with a lot of thought behind it. I think most people who’ve seen it agree on that. That makes it a really good candidate for something to revisit. I really like the movie’s world view. I think it’s very frank about how inhospitable life can be. But it isn’t so wrapped up in that that it blocks out the positive things about our lives. In fact, it searches for them and celebrates them. My friend Russ is back to talk about what he thought of the movie. He had some great things to say. Hope you enjoy.

TCMP #42 – Zoolander 2 (w/ Jake Kemp)

I am around the same age of Jake Kemp, my partner on It’s Just Banter. For people of our age, the first Zoolander holds a special place. Like how people who were in high school when Caddyshack came out are about Caddyshack. You’re familiar with the phenomenon. And I think there was a Caddyshack sequel, but it didn’t come out 15 years after the original. That makes Zoolander 2 an oddity. We went to go see it. We now tell you what we thought.

TCMP #41 – Hail, Caesar! (w/ Tim DeLaughter)

Back when we did the episode about The Big Short, Pete from Central Track asked Tim DeLaughter if he would come on since his band, The Polyphonic Spree, was in the movie. Tim was busy then, but he said he really liked the idea. We asked him if there was any movie coming up he would want to talk about. This was his answer. We give a solid 15-20 minutes of talking about the movie and also fit in some talk about the possible demise of the Lakewood Theater and plenty of other cool stuff.

TCMP #34 – The Big Short (w/ Mark Pirro & Nick Brooks)

In the part of The Big Short where they are explaining the origins of Cornwall Capital, the scene is spliced with a performance from famed Dallas band The Polyphonic Spree. If you are looking closely, you can spot the head of bassist Mark Pirro. He was nice enough to talk with me and my friend Nick Brooks about the movie and a number of other things. It is a good movie, and we take about a half an hour. We spend the rest talking about the price of copper and the time a record label payed for Mark to go to the Super Bowl.

TCMP #31 – The Night Before (w/ Clint Werth)

To talk about this comedy, the guest co-host is comedian Clint Werth. We agree it’s a pretty decent little movie. Has some good performances. From Miley Cyrus, for one. And with any quality comedy, there’s plenty else to talk about. There are also nitpicks to be made. For example, no NFL player has had their breakout at age 34. As another matter, let’s not let the PC police take away dick jokes.

TCMP #12 – Trainwreck (w/ Mike Rhyner)

Big guest this week! Mike Rhyner, Founding Father of the Ticket, stops by the studios to discuss Trainwreck. We both like it a lot. He explains why you should always be wary of people who make their fame on the internet and uses a baseball analogy to describe his love life. We also agree that people are a lot more like dogs than any of us readily admit.
We do work together every day, but he’s still kind of my hero, so there are even more nervous stutters than normal. Be ready for that.

TCMP #9 – Ted 2 (w/ Josh Ellis)

I’ve never gotten around to sitting down and discussing the unavoidable cultural force that is Seth McFarlane. It’s a pretty balanced talk, since I am not especially inclined to give the benefit of the doubt while Josh seems more open to it. Beyond McFarlane’s humor, the movie’s also got some structural stuff that I think is a common shortcoming of his. On the other hand, there was plenty of threads to enjoy. It’s just a fun little talk.


TC’s Movie Podcast is conducted in a discussion format. So yeah, there are a lot of spoilers.