TCMP #89 – The Usual Suspects (w/ Hawkeye)

It was recently revealed that KSCS morning show host Hawkeye pulled off a prank where he faked being MTV Sports host Dan Cortese in order to make a guest appearance on the Bob and Dan Show. In the interview, he dropped a multitude of references to The Usual Suspects. That seemed like a good reason to get him on to talk about the movie and ask him about the prank.

TCMP #73 – Ocean’s 11 (w/ Jake Kemp)

The idea for this podcast came up when watching the last season of Silicon Valley. A character refrences making an Ocean’s-11-like plot, and there was a lot of discussion that week about what the plot might be. Jake and I talked about it on It’s Just Banter, and Jake mentioned off-hand that he loved the movie and would like to do a podcast on it. Like everyone else who has seen it, I also love it and loved the idea.
This is one of the most nearly perfect movies out there. Jake and I have both seen it a million times. Literally one million. They play it on TNT a lot. There are just so many great, little moments. There is a lot of effortless-looking craftsmanship.

TCMP #40 – Training Day (w/ Joe King)

This was a new and exciting episode to do. I talked about Training Day with real, live police officer Joe King. He talks about the accuracy of the movie and shares his experiences from somewhat similar situations. I also ask him a lot of the dumb questions I have always wanted to ask a cop. Like how easy it would be to buy heroin. Most of us love Training Day, so having the chance to talk about it with someone who could add a little more background was a real treat.

TCMP Prologue – True Story (w/ Mike Marshall)

Recorded a few weeks back as a tune-up, TC and Mike Marshall discuss True Story, starting with the realization that the movie is based on a true story. Mike is a TV producer and member of the Ticket weekend show Cirque Du Sirois. TC was disappointed the movie did not pay off its satanic suggestions. Mike has some quality suggestions on where to hide a body.

TC’s Movie Podcast is conducted in a discussion format. So yeah, there are a lot of spoilers.