TCMP #44 – The Witch (w/ Simon Cardoza)

The podcasts I get most excited for are the movies that stick in your head. Ones with a lot of good themes, shocking twists and the like. This is such a movie. The religious themes leaves a lot to think about. The trust in the family and how quickly it’s revealed to be threadbare is fun to turn over. Then that ending!

Also a highlight for this one is the co-host. Simon Cardoza is an actor from here who has made one movie (Hello Gangster) and is working on another. He’s also a very nice dude. This is a good one.

TCMP #20 – The Visit (w/ Tom Bridwell)

Get ready for some fairly comfortable and especially polite disagreement! I think this movie is something above decent. The way the twist was worked in was smart. A lot of the elements were really well designed. My guest co-host Tom Bridwell disagrees. He was looking for some classic horror elements and was upset to find this movie can be lacking in that department. Will we ever find common ground? Listen and find out.

TCMP #4 – Poltergeist (w/ Kip Mooney)

This is the first review of a pretty irredeemably bad movie. I talk with Central Track movie critic Kip Mooney first briefly about how it happens that we end up talking about something neither of us like much and then about the Poltergeist re-make. We dig into our specific problems with the movie, what we felt could have made it into a good movie and why the ending is so logically frustrating.


TC’s Movie Podcast is conducted in a discussion format. So yeah, there are a lot of spoilers.

TCMP #3 – It Follows (w/ Ryan Maffei)


This is a movie I went into without expectations and left feeling like I had to talk about it. It nails a lot of the things I spend most of my time worrying about. Rather than worrying about fears for a scary monster we all know doesn’t really exist, it deals with the dread we know too well from feeling it every day. What’s more scary than the creeping sense that nothing we do will really change anything and that death awaits regardless? I say nothing.

Talking about all that and more is my childhood buddy Ryan Maffei. He is a Robert-Christgau-reviewed musical artist, liner note author and all-around really smart, artful dude who can string a great conversation.


TC’s Movie Podcast is conducted in a discussion format. So yeah, there are a lot of spoilers.