TCMP #62 – The Purge: Election Year (w/ Javier Fuentes)

As something to talk about, this movie has a lot of prompts to discuss. As something to watch, it’s a little more meh. I break it down with Central Track movie critic Javier Fuentes. We talk about the ways that this is poignant commentary on current elections and the ways it’s totally disconnected from them. There’s some of both. We talk about the class/race-based points being made by the movie. It’s all a good time. Give it a listen.

TCMP #43 – Deadpool (w/ Javier Fuentes)

Deadpool is a movie that is probably going to have a moderate-to-large effect on movies going forward. Because it carries an R rating, which is different, and made a lot of money, which is attention-grabbing to movie executives. Javier Fuentes sits down with me to discuss all of it. We talk about those implications and whether or not this is a movie with enough substance to merit that kind of impact. The answer is “kind of.” Or “maybe.” We also talk about what lessons can be learned here for people looking to make money off of similar movies in the future.

TCMP #32 – Star Wars (w/ Justin Bell)

The idea here is to establish a baseline for next week. Justin will be back for the Episode VII review and so that we can spend that one talking about the movie itself, we take the time here to lay out our Star Wars connections and credentials. That involves laying out how we came to the series. It also means taking out time to hash out a little bit of the Luke or Han debate.┬áThen there is some time to actually talk about the movies. You may well have heard it all before, but we indulge equally in why the original┬áseries is the best and why the prequels are garbage. It’s all just a little appetizer to next week.